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When you decide to work with Ameritrust Capital Mortgage as your mortgage lender you are assured you are working with the best and most dedicated lending team. Ameritrust Capital Mortgage only employs licensed mortgage lenders. Known as Residential Mortgage Licensed originators (“RMLO” find proof of license here). Banks are not required to employ licensed lenders and instead opt to employ registered originators.

What’s the difference? To be a licensed mortgage lender you must pass a state sanctioned test, a nationally sanctioned test and pass financial and FBI criminal background checks. Last but not least, to ensure competency, licensed originators, must complete annual continuing education to maintain their license. Who would you rather deal with?

Ameritrust Capital Mortgage licensed mortgage lenders have 20 years of combined mortgage lending experience. Each is an expert in their field and always provides the highest level of knowledge, availability, service, honesty and hard work.

Aside from our mortgage lenders’ competency that is above the competition there is one big distinction that you will notice at Ameritrust Capital Mortgage. You are always first. How can we say that? Our business is based on referrals. Unlike the big box banks that rely on their captive checking or savings customer to cross-sell we focus solely on originating mortgage loans. Therefore Ameritrust Capital Mortgage lenders are always concerned with your level of satisfaction. We ensure your satisfaction not only with competitive bids, but with upfront consultations, promised closing costs, weekly live updates, direct access to your licensed mortgage lender, timely closings and answers to all your questions upfront and throughout the process. Ameritrust Capital Mortgage lenders have built their business by providing the most important aspect any person can provide a client; trust and unwavering commitment.